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G6Sili Blenders

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G6Sili Blenders

Our very own G6Silisponge blenders are now available for pre-order!
Choose between the classic clear, or a flirty pink.


Save makeup
Use half the amount of product compared to using a sponge or brush!
Blending with this product does take some getting used to, however with practice you will save so much makeup, and money!

Use with sponge blender
A final look can be easily achieved with a sponge blender at the end, if you do find it easier to use. This way you will still be saving product, and you will also extend the life of your sponge blender!

No need to use your fingers, or other tools which harbour bacteria to apply makeup! The G6SiliSponge Blender is SO much easier to wash than brushes and sponges.

Simply wash gently with soap and dry with a clean towel. No need to scrub or wait for it to air dry. A serious game changer.
Avoid contact with sharp objects. If there is any evidence of damage to the outer layer, cease use and purchase a new Silisponge.






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